Lake Manguao

Legend of Lake Manguao
     Once upon a time, Lake Manguao (known to some as Lake Danao) was a very fertile land. It was inhabited by a group of happy and content people, in the village lived a pair of lovers and the man’s sister.

       One day the man suggested that his lover sleep in a certain place that night, the girl agreed, but unfortunately, that night the sister of the man chose to sleep there. The man came as agreed, and, mistaking his sister for his lover in the dark, he requested that the girl satisfy his desires. She rejected the man’s request, because she was his sister, but the man insisted that she was fooling him, that she was, in fact, his lover. After much arguing, the sister consented with the condition that he must put a sign of cross of her forehead and it was done.

       Early the following morning, the man woke to find, to his dismay, that the sister was the woman who satisfied his desires that night.  He said, “If it is a sign, I will stick my dagger into the soil and water may come out to wash my sins.” Immediately after pulling the dagger, water oozed from the spot and sank the place. All the inhabitants were drowned and in the middle of the lake which formed stood three islands. The islands represent the two lovers and the sister. Lake Manguao will always be a reminder of the tragic tale of two lovers and the destruction it caused.

Traveling to Lake Manguao

        The lake is only a 10 minute drive from the center of town, visitors can take a tricycle, a motorbike or a car out to the lake. From the drop off point, it is only a 3 km walk to the water's edge. 

Sightseeing at Lake Manguao

          The best way to sightsee around the bay is by boat. Ask your 
accommodation establishment or the tourism office at Fuerza de Santa Isabel  about renting a kayak, or being transported around the lake. 
          The only freshwater lake in all of mainland Palawan is home to 124 different species of birds according to a Western Philippines University research project. Given that fact, it is perfect for bird watching enthusiasts as shown in the article below. 

 Exploring the Birdwatcher's Eden, found in the magazine Palawan Desination written by Malita Eclavia, photos courtesy of Joie Matillano