Passinggatan Festival

     Pasinggat is a term for luster, luster for “Estrella Del Norte” or Star of the North of Palawan. Pasinggatan Festival is a fiesta of dances, a celebration of beauty and a food festival which enhance the mood of an enjoyable and adventurous summer experience in Northern Palawan. It is a ten-day annual celebration that starts April 25 and ends May 4.

     Some highlight events are: the street dancing, a presentation of cultures depicting each group’s own style in music. Different regional groups dance together with guests and tourists; the Paguetekan, a cuyuno term (local dialect in Palawan), which means to indulge in eating. A taste of delicacy originally from different provinces and continuously served in designated food booth in the municipal complex; the Kampo Natin is a cultural campsite where you can buy souvenirs, go around, and enjoy the scenery showcasing the regional identity and miniatures of different regional landmarks. The Cultural Night is a nocturnal celebration of regional presentation to entertain the visitors and the people of Taytay. The Bituin ng Taytay is a pageant presenting the candidates of every cultural group, the best of which will be crowned Miss Taytay and will represent the municipality in the annual Provincial Baragatan Festival.